April Madness

Tourney Director hanging out at Turkey Swamp

Action in the open division

The April Madness tournament is a premium event that features 12 Open Teams mostly from NJ, but also from nearby states. 

Tournament Info:  

Date: April 30, 2023

Location: Turkey Swamp Park at 200 Georgia Road in Freehold 

Price: $275.00

Steps to Register:

Teams are being accepted to this event on a rolling basis.  Therefore, once you have completed all 3 steps listed below, then you get an email regarding your acceptance to this event if space remains.

Schedules and Results:

The schedule and results for each division will appear on ScoreReport.net link below.  The anticipated schedule is a classic 12 team bracket with 4 teams starting in the quarterfinals and 8 starting in the pre-quarters.  Therefore, most teams will have 3 games scheduled while some will have 4 if they advance to the final round from the first round.

Open Division Schedule

Spirit Scores Submission Forms and Results:

DEVYL supports fair play, understanding and abiding of the rules of the game, and general positive spirit of the game in all of our events.  Since this event is expected to have mostly NJ teams, then all games between NJ opponents should be reported on the Regular Season Spirit Score Report Form.  There will not be a separate spirit award for this event.

Contact:  Ryan Belline - aprilmadness@devylultimate.org