Fall School Based Events

During the Fall Season, teams play individual events without an end of season championship.  It is a great time to teach new players the sport of Ultimate or to have veterans play different roles on your team as some events are geared toward new players and some events are more higher level.

DEVYL is running several events during the fall of 2022.  Here is a list of DEVYL Events (scroll to the bottom for a google doc mapped out by weekend):

1) DEVYL Fall Series 

There are three locations that are running a series of games with local teams.  You can sign up for one event or more!  You can sign up for ones close to you or for ones farther away so you can see different teams.   Totally up to you!

1) Westfield Fall Series - Sundays

September 25th - October 2nd - October 9th - October 16th

Bid Form for All 4 Westfield Events

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2) Columbia Fall Series - Fridays

September 23rd - September 30th - October 21st

Bid Form for All 3 Columbia Events (Bids not opened yet)

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3) Mercer Fall Series - Saturdays

October 15th

Bid Form for Mercer Event

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These events are a "Pay What You Can Scale".  Suggested amounts are below, but you can pay below a tier or contact rbelline@devylultimate.org for a lower amount.

2) Halloween Havoc 

Saturday, October 29th 

Turkey Swamp Park in Freehold

A single day straight to bracket event where teams play 3-4 games against mostly similar leveled opponents

Open Event Website


Bid Form 


However, there are many events going on in New Jersey run by DEVYL and other teams or organizations.  Here is a full list of events:

2022 New Jersey Fall Area Events

Questions?  Contact devylinfo@devyultimate.org