Spirit Scores

For this spring season, DEVYL will be implementing a Spirit Score for all New Jersey teams that participate in our events. One representative from each team (coach or spirit captain) will fill out a spirit score form after each game is completed. Data from this form will be used to help teams gather feedback on their players’ Spirit of the Game and knowledge of the rules.

We are looking for teams to consider the following when recording their spirit scores for opposing teams (adapted from USAU’s Spirit Captain Guide):

  • Understanding and knowledge of the rules

  • Awareness of biases based on the other team’s actions

  • Patience and empathy during conflict resolution

At the conclusion of each game played, we are asking that one representative from each team complete this Google Form. A representative from DEVYL will follow up with any teams that do not fill out the form. Results will be continuously collected throughout the spring season and can be accessed here. We ask that coaches and team organizers use the results to help their players grow a deeper understanding of how to implement Spirit of the Game.