Bergen Adult League

Registration for the Adult Indoor League is now open.

DEVYL's Bergen Winter League is an 8 team league on Sunday nights. Games are 5v5, continuous play with subbing on the fly, a 3:2 gender ratio, and a stall to 6. 


Players will have two games a night for 10 weeks. There are two time slots, the 6:00-7:30pm time slot consisting of two 35 minute games, as well as the 7:30-9:00pm time slot that also has two 35 minute games. Players will have to always check the schedule to see when they're playing. Semis will be in Week 9 with point differential deciding any tiebreakers, and finals will be week 10.


$145 for league including all games and Spin Ultimate jersey.


Registration is currently open for Defender of Women (DoW)!

Registration opens for Defender of Men (DoM) on Dec 4th at 6pm.

For more information contact: