U20 Girls Huck Highlights 2022

DEVYL vs Pythons At Philly Special 2022

U20 Girls 2017

U20 Girls 2018 with Jesse Shofner and Jimmy Mickle

Coaches Working Hard and Staying Healthy

Indoor League 2020

DEVYL U20 vs Triforce 2016 YCC Finals

2016 2nd place YCC DEVYL U20 Boys

DEVYL U16 2nd Place YCC 2012

DEVYL U16 2nd Place YCC 2015

U20 Girls 2013

U17 Girls 2017

DEVYL U19/20 eight out of the first ten teams.

DEVYL U17 vs Doomsday 2014

DEVYL Alumni at 2018 USA Ultimate's Club Nationals

Pictured: Beth Dorrity, Charlie Cannon, Mathieu Savarit-Cosenza, Sadie Jezierski, Andrew Auyeung, Emily Yin, Kristi Huang, Sean Mott, Nico Lake, Funing Zhang, Rebecca Halleran

DEVYL Alumni at 2016 USA Ultimate's Club Nationals

Pictured: Sean Mott, Billy Sickles, Matt Weintraub, Kevin Lin, Michael Brenner, Isaac Saul, Mike Sender, Trent Dillon, Sadie Jezierski, and Olivia Hampton

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