Coconut Classic

Information for the 2024 Coconut Classic will not be available until the end of the summer or later. 

The Coconut Classic tournament is the elite fall regional tournament in New Jersey that features 8 Girls and 16 Open Teams from a range of states including VA, MD, PA, NY, CT, MA, and even ME.  

Tournament Info:  

Date: November 4th and 5th, 2023

Location: Turkey Swamp Park at 200 Georgia Road in Freehold 

Price: $450

Steps to Register:

The first bid deadline is September 6th where we will accept the first batch of bids who completed the first two registration steps:

Then, upon acceptance, teams will have 7 days to complete the third registration step:

Schedules and Results:

The schedule and results for each division will appear on using the links below.  The anticipated schedule is that each team will have 3 pool play games on Saturday and 2 knockout round games on Sunday with some teams getting 3 games Sunday depending on the total number of teams in the event.

Girls Division Schedule

Open Division Schedule

Spirit Scores Submission Forms and Results:

DEVYL supports fair play, understanding and abiding of the rules of the game, and general positive spirit of the game in all of our events.  After each game, teams must report their game and spirit score using the following links depending on their division.  As described on the form, DEVYL uses the 1-5 score system where an average score is 3.5.  The final link is a spirit score report to see how all teams were scored by their opponents.

Girls Spirit Score Submission Form

Open Spirit Score Submission Form

Click here for spirit score report

Contact:  Ryan Belline -