YCC Experience


"I played for the DeVYL U-20 girls team for 2 years and I could not have asked for a better experience as a developing youth player. Playing at a high-level at YCC with a supportive and hard-working team as well as an amazing and dedicated coaching staff really helped cultivate my identity as an ultimate player and further grew my passion for the sport. At practices, we had the perfect balance between having fun and challenging our limits, and at YCC we as a team worked not only for the sake of winning, but mostly for each other. Being with DeVYL helped me learn what it's like to want to put in blood, sweat and tears for a team that you love with all of your heart; pushing your physical and mental limits to challenge yourself and others around you with the support of the team and coaches with you the entire time. Being a part of the DeVYL community has created a sense of belonging and work ethic for myself that I will always cherish and appreciate. Looking back, I know that my experience with DeVYL has had an immense impact on my growth as a player, teammate and person, and I am so grateful to the team and community that surrounds this program." -Kristy, 18, New Jersey

"For me, the DeVYL U-20 boys team was more than just a team, it was a family. When I was playing well on the field, my teammates would compliment me on it. When I was struggling on the field, my teammates would pick me up and keep me going. At YCC, the competition level was high, but the challenge made it more fun. I learned a lot that weekend about being a better player both on and off the field. After YCC, I realized that being a part of DeVYL was more than just being a part of that year's roster. There's a larger family of DeVYL players who play ultimate across the country at all different skill levels. I am now a proud member of that larger DeVYL family."

Jack, 18, New Jersey.

"As a parent of a first time YCC attendee, I was hesitant to send my son across the country without me, so I attended as well. We both had a great time. He got to play high level ultimate with players from all over the country and have a lot of fun. I enjoyed watching all of the teams play and met lots of other parent/fans in the process. Having experienced the trip myself, I can now say that I feel confident sending my son with the YCC coaches. The trip is well organized and full of great ultimate and non-ultimate activities. The YCC Tournament is the perfect culmination of a challenging and rewarding DEVYL summer season."

Oscar, Parent of a U-17 boy at YCC

If you would like to talk to a parent whose child has been on the U-20, U17 Boys/Girls Team in the past, please contact devylycc@gmail.com