Disc Golf

Delaware Valley Youth Ultimate (DEVYL) will be organizing a NJ Youth Tag Group for disc golf in New Jersey which is a "ladder" ranking game that is used in disc golf often!  Once a month, the tag group will meet up at rotation of disc golf courses in the central jersey area and play a round.

Tags will be labeled by number with the #1 tag being the best.  The way it works is that before the round, everybody in attendance puts their tag in.  The best score gets the best tag available that day, second best score gets second best tag, etc.  If there is a tie, whoever came in with the better tag will receive the better tag remaining.  So, if you cannot attend a meeting, then it is no problem!

Throughout the year, we will have some special events including clinics, week long learner programs, special guests, and participating in an official Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) Tournament.


There are two steps to register:

Have questions?  The coordinators are:

Anthony Sapichino & Ryan Belline - discgolf@devylultimate.org 

2024 Youth DEVYL Disc Golf Meetups
2024 Disc Golf Tag List