Disc Golf

Disc Golf has been exploding in popularity during the COVID19 Pandemic providing a disc sport that remains socially distant and fun!

In 2022, Delaware Valley Youth Ultimate (DEVYL) will be organizing a NJ Youth Tag Group for disc golf in New Jersey!

Players can purchase a NJ Youth Tag for $22 for the calendar year by filling out the following form and paying using the link below.

NJ Youth Disc Golf Tag Sign Up Form

See a picture of our 2022 tags to be won at the right! They will come with a way to attach to your bag!

Have questions? The coordinators are:

Jacob Liss - jacob.liss07@gmail.com

Ryan Belline - rbelline@devylultimate.org

Tyler Finkler - tfinkler@devylultimate.org

Tags will be labeled by number with the #1 tag being the best. The way it works is that before the round, everybody in attendance puts their tag in. The best score gets the best tag available that day, second best score gets second best tag, etc. If there is a tie, whoever came in with the better tag will receive the better tag remaining.

You can challenge friends for their tags even at unofficial events such as meet ups your organize on your own. If tags change hands, then please email rbelline@devylultimate.org or tfinkler@devylultimate.org and we will update the tag list below.

Here is a list of meetups where we will be selling tags and running official tag rounds (this list will be updated throughout the year as we are planning them about a month in advance):

1) January 30th - Sunday- 10:00 to 12:30 - A tag round at Oak Ridge Park in Clark, NJ.

2) March - Mondays - Westfield Recreation Disc Golf Program - Tags will be defended at our Westfield Rec Program. Separate registration required with payment as there will be instruction and playing.

Disc Golf Tag List