Spring Warm Up

Adventure Sports Turf Fields

Field Map

The Spring Warm Up is an early season event at the brand new Adventure Sports Complex at 515 Monmouth Road in Jackson, NJ (right by Six Flags).  This state of the art facility will hold 4 ultimate fields on turf with lights.  


Day 1: Saturday, March 11th 

Day 2: Sunday, April 16

Location: 515 Monmouth Road in Jackson, NJ

Price: $275 per day

Saturday March 11th - Girls Division Schedule 

Saturday March 11th - Open Division Schedule

Sunday  April 16th - Open Division Schedule

Adventure Sports Rules and Amenities:

Click here for Adventure Sports Facility Rules.

Steps to Register:

Teams are being accepted to this event on a rolling basis.  Therefore, once you have completed all 3 steps listed below, then you get an email regarding your acceptance to this event if space remains.

Spirit Scores Submission Forms and Results:

DEVYL supports fair play, understanding and abiding of the rules of the game, and general positive spirit of the game in all of our events.  Since this event is expected to have mostly NJ teams, then all games between NJ opponents should be reported on the Regular Season Spirit Score Report Form.  There will not be a separate spirit award for this event.

Contact:  Ryan Belline - springwarmup@devylultimate.org